"Why am I working on this game?"

Several times I’ve found myself in a situation where I want to play something on my watch, but there’s absolutely nothing! There’s no game where you can get hooked for at least 20 minutes. All you find are minimalist clickers, silly puzzles, and racing games. I decided to take on this situation, leveraging my experience and my Wear 5. My task is to create a game on a larger scale than the average market game. Of course, I did find a couple of such ideas (scale and addictiveness) in the Play Market. But their execution, for me as a game development teacher, is highly questionable. I don’t want to make money from this project; it’s a trial run. My primary goal is to gain experience. Second, it’s to bring joy to people like me. If even one person spends ten minutes in my game, it will be an absolute victory for all of us.


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5 days ago

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