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Don't look for balance in this game, it's not there yet. But there is The Atmosphere. This is the first public test, the version is not even alpha. I will be glad to receive your feedback about the overall picture of this game. How enjoyable is it to play? You can find contact information in the About section, including my Discord, and there's a link to a channel for game discussion on my profile.


"Kingdom Click: Pocket Idle Clicker" is a charming, pixel-art medieval setting game where your idle moments transform into vibrant progress. As the sovereign of your own pocket-sized kingdom, you hold the power to build and upgrade an array of buildings, including a fort, a tavern, and many more, each carrying unique perks.

Your journey begins with a single tap, but soon, your kingdom starts to grow. Each building you construct brings in more citizens and resources to help further your expansion. Yet, it's not just about the buildings - the heart of your kingdom is its citizens. You have the power to manage and motivate them, enhancing their productivity and your kingdom's prosperity.

Unlock new areas shrouded in mystery and uncover exciting buildings and bonuses that each add a new layer of strategy. The game features a simple yet engaging progression system that ensures your kingdom continues to grow even while you're away.

However, you must be wise with your choices. The rate of your kingdom's development relies heavily on your strategy - what building to upgrade first, when to open a new region, and how to effectively use your citizens. And to further add to the excitement, occasional spawn items provide a fun twist, granting you multiplier taps or various other bonuses.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a journey of creating the most prosperous kingdom. A world is full of strategic decisions, charming visuals, and captivating progress awaits you in "Kingdom Click: Pocket Idle Clicker". Your kingdom's future is just a tap away. Start your reign now!

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Tags2D, Arcade, Clicker, Folklore, Idle, Incremental, Medieval, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Simple

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If you don’t have music, here is a version with 100% working sound -